Jon Dixon is a character that appeared in the comic prequel of Let Me In, an American film largely inspired by the novel Let The Right One In and its Swedish film adaptation. By 1982, roughly a year before the events in Let Me In, Abby lived in Indiana with Thomas, who posed as her "father." Much to Thomas's dismay, Abby gradually befriended Jon, the young son of their neighbor. Threatened by the prospect of being replaced, Thomas assaulted Jon and nearly beat him to death, having felt betrayed by Abby despite the sacrifices he made while serving her. Badly injured and on the verge of death, Jon's wounds and the scent of his blood triggered Abby's hunger, causing her to feed on her one-time friend, thus infecting the boy with vampirism. However, Jon's time as a vampire was short-lived; a serial killer had broken into Abby's home and Jon was burned during the ensuing confrontation. As a result, Abby avenged Jon's death by killing his murderer before fleeing to New Mexico with Thomas.