Jimmy is Kenny's criminally insane older brother and one of the main antagonist's of the story. One day, Owen, Kenny's main bullying target stood up to Kenny and split his ear with a pole during a hockey game. When Jimmy found out, he led Kenny, and Kenny's friends Donald and Mark to find Owen. It is said Jimmy is just as much as a bully as Kenny, but apparently has a soft spot for his younger brother.

At the climax of the story, Jimmy starts a fire at the comunity pool and scares off the other children. Owen attempts to escape but is dragged back and thrown into the pool. Jimmy confronts Owen, giving him a challange : If Owen could hold his breath for three minutes, he would lightly cut his cheek, if not then Owen would get his eye cut out. While Jimmy holds Owen underwater, Kenny tries to get Jimmy to stop but Jimmy wouldn't listen. Eventuly Abby, a vampire girl who befreinded Owen, attacks the bullies. Jimmy was the first to die as his head was torn off.

He is played by Brett Delbuono.